Dreams, time traveling and the multiverse


This dream begins in a time travel agency and I have the ability to take on any persona, pick any era and lead any life I desire.
I am given the choice on if I want to be completely aware of who I am and where I came from, or have my current memory wiped to make the experience immersive, realistic and exciting while I am there.
I went with remain aware.
Mechanics of Time Travel
My first thoughts went to trying out a life of high school romance in the 1950’s. While the beatniks and poets of that era were no doubt dreamy, the idea of having no internet or technology since I was choosing to retain my memories was too much to bear.
However the 1970’s with its culture, music and fashion had enough going for it to spark my interest.

I warped myself into New York with the intention of living an artistic, party lifestyle and attending Studio 54 with my time travel partner as much as possible. I gave myself a supermodel type avatar with hip length copper hair and bellbottoms and attended the opening night at the club with the intentions of charming the owner into putting me on their permanent guest list since the club was notorious for being hard to get into.

The dream then becomes more of a lucid experience where I (still in the dream) decided to begin a BLOG about time traveling, the Mandela Effect and different dimensions.
~The Mandela Effect is a popular topic on conspiracy forums based on the concept that a large group of people may remember an event or detail about something as being completely different than what is in our currently reality. Many Theories about parallel realities or timelines have emerged based on this phenomenon.

There were many things the time travel agent had told me that I found interesting for example:
Many people wanted to travel back in time to see how famous world events went down. They weren’t allowed to interfere with or attempt to change the past, merely observe it. I don’t know if interfering would have really mattered anyway because there was some allusion that every time someone traveled back in time a copy of the current world was made.  This goes into a multiverse or parallel universe concept so everyone had their own world to play in based on the original. This brought questions to my mind though like if ones ability to form new friendships or relationships in this world(assuming your memory wasn’t wiped) would be different knowing they were just “copies”.  Would you bother to make attempts to help someone, or change the world, or would most people just be in it for selfish fun purposes. How would those who went into this world with a wiped memory feel if coming out of the experience learned that their loved ones or accomplishments made were based on a false premise?

Traveling to see the JFK murder was a very popular choice for people, especially considering the mystery surrounding it. This made me wonder about the quantum ability of morphic resonance and morphogenetic fields. If the impact  and energy created from a specific event could cross over and link separate universes it was occurring in together. This might explain why there was a no interference rule for large world events.

The dream ends with creating myself a blog to discuss these topics and deciding I didn’t want to go with my facebook identity or anything personal so chose the handle/username “stars upon thars”.  There was a poster replying to my writing under the handle “getpaidtoblog”. I assumed their name didn’t mean monetary, more of a spiritual reward reference.
~The term of my handle comes from The Sneetches and Other Stories published  by Dr. Seuss  in 1961.
It was a story about elitism, segregation, and the ability for one to capitalize on these notions.  The star, or pentagram, is an important and perhaps one of the most recognized occult symbols. Pentagram (pentacle, pentangle, pentalpha)

This dream is the motivation for creating my first entry on here 🙂